Welcome to our little farm!

Established in 2017, we are a Veteran owned and operated 5 acre homestead/market garden and animal rescue that utilizes regenerative and sustainable practices while following our daily mantra:



We own and operate a 7.5-acre homestead/market garden offering a wide variety of organically grown veggies, herbs and flowers.

We provide education about food growing techniques, animal care and rescue, sustainability, repurposing and many other topics.

We have a colorful menagerie of rescues, providing a loving sanctuary to previously abused and/or neglected farm animals.

Our Market Gardens

The gardens consist of a collection of raised beds, hoop houses, and field plots that equal approximately one acre of cultivated land to grow the best food we can.

We believe that everyone deserves access to high quality food that is locally grown and free from toxic additives. Therefore, we use sustainable and natural practices as much as possible in the garden.

We currently accept SNAP benefits as a viable payment option for low income community members to purchase produce from the farm.

Our Rescue/Sanctuary in numbers



(4 vietnamese pot belly mixes, 2 Kune Kune purebreed, 1 Kune Kune blend)



(Elf-eared La Mancha sisters)

40 +


(Including one sassy rooster named Peepers)



(3 dogs and 2 cats)

Our Mantra is:

Work * Love * Spirit


Like many, we dreamed of having our own farm. It is a beautiful life with breathtaking moments. But it also takes daily discipline, grit, sweat, achy muscles, early mornings, long sweltering days, freezing nights, DIY practices on a shoestring budget, enduring devastating storms and demolished hoophouses, crop losses, etc. But, the small losses are eclipsed by the large and fulfilling gains of the work giving back to us, filling our bellies and our spirits.


Commitment to this life has truly been a Labor of Love. Our dreams have been nurtured and manifested through the passionate love and dedication for what we do. Every day, we put our whole hearts into what we do and we feel the love from our supporters in return. This is our dream and every day we are thankful for it.


The leap of faith was by definition, exactly that. We put our faith into trusting where we felt God was leading us. We see ourselves as stewards of this land and of our rescue animals, taking care of this beautiful creation as best as we can. Every day, we give our thanks to God for this life and this work that we do together as a family. It is the greatest blessing we could have asked for.

Connect with us!

Jamestown: Alternating Tuesdays 3-7pm

Fairborn: 1st and 3rd Wednesday 10-2 2nd and 4th Wednesday 3-7pm

Cedarville: Thursdays 3-7pm

Come to the Farmers Market

We love seeing our regular customers and meeting new ones each week! Markets are excellent destinations to connect with your community and make a difference with local growers, artisans, bakers, and other talents.

Support the Rescues

We have created a collection of Windy Chicken Farm items to help towards the expenses of our rescue care. These purchases go directly to the housing, medical needs, enrichment, feed, and general wellness of the rescue animals at the farm.

Helping Hands

It takes a village…Whether through supporting other local growers, artisans, etc. and/or offering ways for folks to get their hands dirty with their own growing, we honor and appreciate being part of the community.

Safety precautions during the pandemic have severely limited volunteer opportunities at this time. Please check back for updates on this.